Review 5.11 Icon Pant

A tactical pant that seems made for the outdoors.

By Dan Sanchez

One of the reasons why tactical pants are great for the outdoor lifestyle is the pockets. With pockets for mobile devices, keys, wallet, pocket knife and more, pants like 5.11 Tactical’s Icon fits the bill nicely for everything from a day hike to a weekend backpacking.

The Icon Pant is a typical cargo-style design, but it’s made from flexible polyester (80%), that’s mixe xe with 20% cotton Flex-Tac® ripstop with Teflon™. Needless to say, it’s a durable pant that can handle getting wet while crossing streams or accidental stains from the cafe.

Did we mention the pockets? Yes, 12 in total and these just weren’t placed there at random. Being a tactical pant first, 5.11 designed the pockets to be sturdy and can hold everything from a pocket flashlight and cell phone to a small first-aid kit or extra magazines for your AK.

The two front slit pockets feature a reinforced lip so they’re easy to find and open and can fit your cell phone or keys. Side pockets are deeper and are built around an elastic waist that allows the Icon Pant to stretch and bend when you do. It’s one of the things that make these pants very comfortable to wear. There are also two cargo pockets that expand and have additional pockets inside to keep things organized. There are also two back pockets that feature hook-and-latch closures to keep your wallet and other items secure.

One of the best features we liked about he Icon Pant is the gusseted crotch and knee articulation sewn into it. When hiking or scrambling over rocks, the Icon pant bends with your body, never pulling or tugging against you. We also liked that it has a slim fit. Compared to other rugged “outdoor” pants, they simply are designed with more legroom which makes them look and feel bulky. The Icon Pant is more of a slim cut and fits nice enough to want to wear out to dinner or for a casual party.

While 5.11 Tactical makes many other pants, we liked the Icon for it’s ruggedness and versatility, dirt and moisture resistance, its many pockets, and the fact that it looks great on or off the trail. The Icon Pant is available in Ranger Green, Black, Khaki, Kangaroo (as tested), Fint, and Dark Navy. It retails around $74.99 For more information, visit

Icon Pant
The Icon Pant has plenty of pockets on front, sides, and legs.
Belt loops are thick and double stitched.
Rear pockets feature hook and latch closures to help keep items from falling out.

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