Five-Ten Exum Guide Boots

5-10 footwear is known around the world by elite rock climbers for durable and high-friction climbing shoe and boot soles. Exum Guide is a hiking boot and approach shoe with 5-10’s many years of knowledge and boot-building experience fused together to make a comfortable multi-use outdoor boot with great traction. [...]

Wenger Swiss Army Eiger Boot

Wenger Footwear is onto something good with the Eiger hiking boot. It’s design and function are great for those long hikes with a day-pack and the need to cover ground at a rapid pace. These boots are sturdy, waterproof, and comortable enough to wear on the trail or taking that two mile lunch-break walk around the office. [...]

Merrell Outbound Mid Boot Review

Merrell Outbound Mid Leather backpacking boots offers the stability, comfort, and firmness you’ll need on long mileage trips with a moderate to heavy pack. A legitimate backpacking boot, the Outbound Mid Leather boots are constructed to support your feet and pack-laden body weight for multi-day excursions where you’ll be living in them. These boots are easy to live with. [...]