Wenger Swiss Army Eiger Boot

Wenger Footwear is onto something good with the Eiger hiking boot. It’s design and function are great for those long hikes with a day-pack and the need to cover ground at a rapid pace. These boots are sturdy, waterproof, and comortable enough to wear on the trail or taking that two mile lunch-break walk around the office. [...]


With all the modern choices hikers have in equipment today, the feet are the primary transportation mode. And taking care of the feet is vital to any successful back-pack, through-hike, or one-day summit attempts in the Summer is often determined by the choice of boot. The Wenger/Swiss Army Eiger boot is a hiker that warrants thoughtful consideration. Eiger uses cutting-edge technology unheard of 10 years ago. Enter the Eiger sanctioned footbed of this high-country shoe. [...]