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Reviews on the latest trail shoes, hiking boots, and mountaineering boots

Lowa Albula GTX Boot Review

The Albula GTX offers a measure of comfort, versatility of design, style and stability afoot that qualifies them for any trail we are likely to tackle in the months ahead. These boots are superb for a day hike along a muddy trail or serious weekend of backpacking and climb approaches wherever you find yourself. It is this writer’s confidence that you can be sure when you step into Albula GTX, you are taking a step in the right direction. [...]

Five-Ten Exum Guide Boots

5-10 footwear is known around the world by elite rock climbers for durable and high-friction climbing shoe and boot soles. Exum Guide is a hiking boot and approach shoe with 5-10’s many years of knowledge and boot-building experience fused together to make a comfortable multi-use outdoor boot with great traction. [...]