Origo Rendezvous Peak Watch

Pass the Origo! Yep, the Rendezvous Peak compass watch is a strong choice for recreational climbers, backpacker, and folks who spend time out of doors. The Origo Rendezvous Peak is a multi-sensor mountaineering watch with perfect digital time, solid compass, altimeter, barometer, and chronograph functions to get you there… wherever it is you are going. [...]

Timex WS4 Expedition Watch Review

“Before I curl into my sleeping bag, I note the current altitude and barometric pressure,” Anker said. “In the few hours I sleep if I see a change in the altitude or barometric pressure I can get an idea of the coming weather patterns. As it is an inverse relationship between altitude and barometric pressure, if I wake at the same or lower elevation I can be confident the atmospheric pressure has remained constant. If I rise to a higher altitude, I need to be aware as there is a chance of a low pressure moving in.” [...]

Timex WS-4 Expedition Carabiner Watch

Timex WS4 Expedition watch with carabiner attachment is the new version of the same watch we found to deliver all the function and accuracy claimed by the features and benefits it offered. Because this TIMEX WS4 Expedition watch uses a carabiner rather than latched to the wrist, it becomes more useful as it can be operated with one-hand, and viewed at a glance. The Indiglo night illumination function becomes easier to use simply because it only takes one hand to operate. [...]