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Benchmade Rift 950 Review

Benchmade’s 950 Rift is a solid, good-looking, and fun folder to have around. The blade and handle design compel you to put this knife to work. It’s sharp, and the blade is readily maintained. Unfolded, the blade is very secure within the core-structure; no wiggle room here. We like this knife, and it fit in very well as a back country blade that is strong, light, sharp, and versatile enough for using as a camp and general purpose blade. [...]

Benchmade Triage 915 Review

What really stands out about this knife is that despite being tailor-made for rescue situations, the dynamic nature of the Triage makes it useful in countless situations. From day-to-day household needs to more intense outdoor uses, this triple threat of a utility knife is a must-have for anybody that appreciates a quality cutting tool. [...]

Benchmade 760 LFTi Folding Knife Review

We’ve enjoyed assessing the Benchmade 760, as we have with each of their various knife designs. There is a benchmark of high-quality built into these knives. Even though knives can be a thing of creative design and beauty to the individual beholder, it’s the journeyman workmanship that goes into each knife that make them reliable and useful tools that perform well consistently. [...]

Benchmade: 2009 Manufacturer of the Year

Benchmade Knife Company has been creating fine cutting tools for more than two decades. But 2009 has been a kind year of recognition for the quality of leadership and products manufactured by this mid-sized operation located in Oregon City, Oregon. Not only was Benchmade honored with the 2009 Manufacturer of the Year Award, but also Knife of the Year. Read on for the details… [...]