Trail Shoes And Boots

Reviews on the latest trail shoes, hiking boots, and mountaineering boots

Wenger Swiss Army Eiger Boot

Wenger Footwear is onto something good with the Eiger hiking boot. It’s design and function are great for those long hikes with a day-pack and the need to cover ground at a rapid pace. These boots are sturdy, waterproof, and comortable enough to wear on the trail or taking that two mile lunch-break walk around the office. [...]

Merrell Outbound Mid Boot Review

Merrell Outbound Mid Leather backpacking boots offers the stability, comfort, and firmness you’ll need on long mileage trips with a moderate to heavy pack. A legitimate backpacking boot, the Outbound Mid Leather boots are constructed to support your feet and pack-laden body weight for multi-day excursions where you’ll be living in them. These boots are easy to live with. [...]