Advertising with can offer unique opportunities to attract more targeted customers to your product and brand. has a growing audience, but your banner ads shouldn’t only depend on our audience’s willingness to see and click on your ads.

We know it takes more than banner advertising and an a large audience size to attract customers to your product. That’s why we make sure your advertising is supported with non-biased, exclusive, informative and entertaining content that attracts targeted customers looking for products and information on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Content Syndicated Campaigns

At content is the key to our success. We combine your ad campaign with our non-biased, exclusive, informative and entertaining content to create a unique syndicated campaign that brands and draws a targeted audience to read about your product and make a knowledgeable purchasing decision.  We use paid and natural search results to achieve maximum visibility from our audience and to capture those searching the internet for product information from a reliable and non-biased source like Contact us for pricing and information and we can customize an advertising package that best suits your needs.

Simple Site Sponsorships

We also offer simple site sponsorships that allow our site visitors to see your ad and read informative content. No need to calculate CPM’s here. We make things simple by offering placement on every page of the site with a variety of affordable packages:

Package A: $75 per month. Site sponsor ads appear on the right of every page. 3-month minimum.

Package B: $600 for 6-months. Includes sponsor ads, keyword syndication, and additional content marketing support.

Package C: $800 for 12- months.Includes sponsor ads, keyword syndication, and additional content marketing support.

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