Go To Snacks For Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts can find hundreds of energy bars, chews, hydration drinks, and more that are designed to replenish electrolytes and potassium and give you more energy to get you through your outdoor adventure. During the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah, we looked at all the “energy snacks” available and found some great ones that provide plenty of energy and taste great on their own!

Off-Piste Plant-Based Jerky

If you crave protein but are vegan, these pack 23 grams of soy-free and gluten-free pea protein, per pack. They have the look and consistency of natural beef jerky and taste great too. These come from New Zealand and we ate a whole bag of these and loved them. Each serving (7 pieces) is only 100 calories, (90 for the Original flavor) and is also available in Teriykai, and Sweet & Hot.

Honey Stinger Energy Waffle

These very tasty treats are made with a layer of organic honey in between two thin waffles that make a cookie-like sandwich. One delivers 140 calories and is best to eat before or during activity. All are naturally flavored and Gluten Free. They are thin enough to easily store in your shirt pocket or backpack and offer a boost of energy. We tried the Salted Carmel and the Honey flavors which were a real treat! They are also available in Cookies & Cream, Cinnamon, and Vanilla flavors. The company also makes nutrition gels and energy chews.

Mountain Ops Protein Bars

Loaded with Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, and Collegen, these low-sugar protein bars add energy to your most strenuous outdoor adventures. Each bar provides 20 grams of protein and is Gluten Free. With 260-270 calories per bar, they can provide plenty of replenishing fuel and are available in Triple Chocolate Mudslide, Caramel Crunch, Peanut Butter Bliss, and Frosted Cinnamon Swirl. We tried the Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Swirl which tasted as good as a candy bar and gave us plenty of fuel to finish our day at the Outdoor Retailer show.

Skratch Lab Energy Chews

These tasty gummies are designed for runners, cyclists, and all-around sports performance. These energy gels provide glucose and fructose for fast absorption for energy, and they contain no waxes, oils preservatives, or artificial colors/flavors. Each serving size (5 pieces) is 80 calories and is Gluten Free and Vegan. They taste great and come in an 18 oz pouch for easy accessibility and storage. We tried the Raspberry flavor but they also come in Blueberry, Matcha + Lemon, Orange, and Sour Cherry.

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