GSI Outdoor’s Recycled Insulated Water Bottle

During the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, GSI Outdoors showcased some of its top products for cooking and drinking. We spoke with Robyn Gibson about the company’s mission to create long-lasting and environmentally friendly products.

The Microlite 710 Straw Top is made from recycled stainless steel. The thin 2mm walls keep the bottle lightweight while also maintaining optimal thermal performance to keep liquids cool or hot for over 30 hours. The sleek design, bottle size, and convenient straw also make them a versatile choice, from fitting in a backpack side pocket or a car’s cup holder.

Also in an effort to move away from plastics and materials containing PFAS and PFOAS, GSI released the Halulite Micro Dualist II Two-Person Cookset made from hard-anodized aluminum rather than the previously used Teflon. Not only is the aluminum more environmentally friendly, but it is ultralight, heat-resistant, and durable. 

Pinnacle Dualist cookware no longer uses Teflon and is made from recycled aluminum

The cook set comes with a strainer lid, two folding “Foons,” two insulated mugs with sip tops and nesting bowls, and a 1.4-liter pot with measurement markers. A waterproof storage bag acts as storage for a Pinnacle Canister Stove (not included) and a fuel canister (not included), and can be used as a sink to wash dishes.

Weighing in at 1.04 lb, the Haluite MicroDualist II is a great option for a lightweight cook set at a competitive price point of $$69.95. Get it here:

GSI Outdoor’s commitment to sustainable drinking and cookware

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