Grand Trunk Compass 360 Ultra Compact Stool

grand trunk compass 360 stool

From the Summer Outdoor Retailer 2023 show, we checked out the upgrade made to Grand Trunk’s popular Compass 360 Stool. The new Grand Trunk Compass 360 Ultra Compact Stool weighs in at just one pound, and quickly unfolds in less than thirty seconds– the only setup required is a quick snap of the legs and top telescoping poles. The Compass 360 Ultra Compact stool also features a rotating hub for 360-degree rotation. Compared to the original Compass 360, the Ultra Compact stool has a more compact bag for easy and space-efficient transport.

We recently tested out the stool on a short backpacking trip and were impressed with the weight, function, and comfortability it offered. The stool packs down nicely in a small carry bag that can be easily clipped to the outside of a bag or slung over the shoulder. The extra pound in our pack was well worth the guaranteed comfortable and elevated seat. Being able to rotate in any direction easily was also a well-loved and appreciated feature, as it allowed needed mobility while cooking, taking in the surrounding views, and playing card games.

The only downside is that if you are in an area with soft dirt or sand, you might find your stool slowly sinking into the ground– such was the case for us in the rich and soft soil in the Mt. Hood National Forest of Oregon. However, this will be the case for most stools or chairs and is no product fault. The trade-off of standing up occasionally to compact the soil was worth having a comfortable and elevated seat. Overall, the Grand Truck Compass 360 stool is a great seating option for almost any outdoor activity.

Especially for the backpacker looking for an even more compact version of the Compass 360, the new Ultra Compact version is an exciting new product to look forward to for Spring 2024.

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