Dometic Reinvents The Water Jug

Whether you are car camping or on an Overlanding expedition, carrying enough water is always an essential part of your journey. The problem has always been that water containers are not easy to carry, they can tip over and spill and they are challenging to handle if you want to pour water out of them.

Dometic’s Product Manager Owen Mesdag, thought of a better method that included a compact, easy-to-carry design. “Water storage containers have always been your standard Gerry Can,” said Mesdag. “We came up with an 11-liter water container from a volume-maximizing shape.”

The Dometic Go water container is made to be strapped down with webbing to a truck rack or inside a vehicle and to carry it to your campsite, it has removable nylon webbing handles, along with a built-in handle at the bottom for easy pouring.

The container has two openings, the larger one for filling and easy cleaning, and another for easy pouring. The larger opening features a lid with a pickup tube and a fitting for use with a self-contained water faucet/dispenser with a built-in pump that can be mounted anywhere with a magnetic mount. You can attach the mount to a picnic table, vehicle, or anywhere else and the pump attaches and swivels to make it easier to dispense water. The dispenser/faucet is rechargeable and dispenses 150 liters per charge, and features a small LED light.

The smaller opening on the water container is a standard 63mm with a removable cap and flow reducer that makes it easy to pour. You can swap out the flow reducer and cap for a spigot cap, that allows you to set the water jug on its side and dispense water with the spigot valve.

By Dan Sanchez and Stuart Bourdon

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