ORCA Wheeled 65 Qt Cooler

Large insulated coolers are popular among campers and the Overlanding crowd. Primarily, it is due to their ability to keep contents cold for longer periods of time. But having to move a large, heavy cooler from location to location, especially on soft sand or dirt, sometimes seems like you’re dragging it around rather than pulling it with ease.

The ORCA Wheeled 65 Quart Cooler has some unique features that solve some of those problems. Aside from keeping ice good for seven to eight days and having a lifetime warranty, the cooler features a built-in trough to divide items in the cooler as well as an inner channel to easily direct water out. The ORCA cooler also features wide rubber wheels that grip better on various soft or hard surfaces making it more maneuverable to roll the cooler wherever you need it. It’s much better than a thin plastic wheel that some large coolers use.

One of the other nice features of the ORCA Wheeled cooler is the heavy-duty handle. Made from steel tubing and incorporating rubber grips, it looks more like a bicycle’s handlebars. The wide design, however, makes it much easier to pull. According to John Hohman, Senior VP Marketing at ORCA Coolers, the design of the handle allows you to walk alongside the cooler, without it hitting your feet.

If you’ve ever had to pull a large cooler out from your vehicle and across the campsite, you’ll appreciate this feature that sets the ORCA apart from the rest. More information on ORCA coolers can be found on their website at www.orcacoolers.com.

By Dan Sanchez and Stuart Bourdon

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