Give Your Pet Its Own Campsite

By Eli Sanchez

P.L.A.Y Outdoor gear (Pet Lifestyle And You) is making sustainable, stylish, and functional pet accessories for different types of modern pet owners. Their durable, portable, and portable campsite products are great options for pet owners who love the outdoors and are always on the go.

The Outdoor Chill Pad is a great lightweight and portable option to provide your pet with a clean, and comfortable place to sit outdoors. The mat is made from a durable 600-Denier PE fabric that is waterproof, UV resistant, and easy to clean. The mat is filled with Eco-Friendly PlanetFill® filler made from recycled plastic bottles to provide a layer of protection and cushion from hard surfaces, whether that be the rocky dirt ground on a campsite or wet grass on a trail. Our golden retriever lab mix, Daisy, tested out the pad and took to it straight away! She immediately preferred to sit on the mat instead of in the grass and laid down on it comfortably. She also loves to sit on it indoors instead of on the hard tile floor– just be aware that if you place it on a smooth surface like tile or hardwood, it may slide around.

The Chill Pad rolls up with straps feature hook & latch pads and comes with a sturdy handle
Made from 600 Denier PE fabric, the pad cleans easily and makes for a softer place for pets to sit and sleep.

The Outdoor Chill Pad pairs perfectly with the Scout and About Outdoor Dog Tent. The mat fits inside the tent with room to spare and is made from the same durable and water-resistant 600-Denier PE fabric. The tent is lightweight and comes in a portable carrying bag. Assembly and tear down are extremely simple—the tent unfolds and pops into place by pulling the cord attached at the top. Just be careful you don’t pinch your fingers when the poles snap into place! The tent is fully enclosed and water-resistant, but also has mesh sides and a roll-up door for fresh air and visibility for your pet. It is a great option for camping if you want to provide your pet their own space safe from the elements, bugs, etc.

The Scout and About Travel Bowl is good for taking along on a hike. It has an internal metal spring and straps that clamp together to make it flat when not in use.

The Scout and About Travel Bowl is another great accessory for pet owners on the go, whether you are on a camping trip, hiking trail, or just spending the day outside. The collapsible and lightweight bowl easily hooks onto a backpack or belt, and unfolds into a quick and safe drinking or feeding bowl for your pet. It is made from durable and non-toxic/AZO-free material that is water-resistant for up to 15-20 minutes. It’s the perfect accessory for when your pet needs to quench their thirst while on the trail, in the car, or anywhere on the go. The bowl is fairly small, but it is a good accessory to have when your pet needs a quick drink.

The Outdoor Dog Tent is made from durable 600 Denier PE Fabric that is easy to clean
The tent comes in a great carrying pouch with an adjustable strap.

The tent easily assembles by pulling up on the top strap and the poles work as a spring to pop it into place, sort of like an umbrella.
The tent also comes with stakes to hold it in position from the bottom nylon pole straps.

In all, the P.L.A.Y. campsite products were very well made and durable. They’re easy to clean and we really liked that it doesn’t take much time at all to assemble and disassemble quickly. Our dog Daisy took to the pad and tent without any trouble. We also liked that recycled materials are also used in the products.

The Outdoor Dog Tent retails around $120 while the Chill Pad retails around $45. The Travel Bowl retails around $15. For more information on these or other P.L.A.Y outdoor pet products, visit

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