Eureka! SPRK+ Camp Stove And Grille

For those of us that want to take a simple stove and grille that’s easy to use, lightweight, and can easily adjust to level on uneven campsite benches, Eureka! introduced its SPRK+ Camp Stove and Camp Grille at the 2020 OR Show. The grilles and stove run on 8 oz butane canisters and the unit is light, compact, and very portable. It features a single 11,500 BTU burner with wind protection and simmer control. It fits up to an 11-inch diameter pan and the built-in adjustable feet make it stable no matter where you decide to cook. It retails for $54.95.

The SPRK+ Camp Grille is the same as the stove except it features a wide 120-square inch grilling surface with an adjustable flame. The grille is a nonstick ceramic and underneath it houses a removable drip tray that can be cleaned and is dishwasher safe. The SPRK+ Grille retails around $125 and both it and the SPRK+ Camp Stove come with a hard plastic carrying case. For more information, visit

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