Gerber To Release New Pocket Sized Multi-Tools

Outdoor adventure seekers have always liked the idea of carrying a multi-tool that can do more than a single-blade pocket knife.  But as multi-tools began adding more functions, they became larger, heavier and not so easy to carry.  GG_ArmbarCork_ShimmerGold_S2This prompted companies like Gerber, to create lighter-weight designs that are the size of a pocket knife but have features that accommodate the type of activity your outdoor adventures require.

Gerber’s ArmBar features a Phillips and Flathead screwdriver bits, a frame-lock blade, hammering surface, bottle opener, and scissors. It’s designed for everyday carry (EDC) and an ArmBar Cork model features a corkscrew with a leverage arm. “The Armbar  is for poking, prying, hammering, and for the things you don’t want to wreck your primary blade with” ,says Eric Moore, Product Manager, Multi-Tools at Gerber.

15693_GerberThe Gerber Lockdown Drive is slightly larger but also features a pocket clip. According to Moore, it’s also designed as an everyday pocket carry but features four tools with a liner lock so that each tool locks in place. It has a replaceable 2.5-inch blade, a driver with 1/4-inch Phillips and Flat screwdriver bit, awl, a replaceable #11 utility hobby blade, file, and chisel edge. There’s also a version with a sturdier pry-bar frame.

For those of us who need a good utility blade for work, Gerber also has lightweight models that feature a replaceable standard blade, a notch for cutting cord or stripping wire, a bottle opener and a prybar. There’s even a stripped-down version with a replaceable hobby blade and prybar that is compact enough to put on a keyring. All of these Gerber multi-tools will be available in February 2020 and will retail for around $36 – $45.


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