Adventure Medical Kit’s Sportsman Series Kits For Overlanding And Camping Adventures

Being prepared to render first-aid is essential before heading out on any hiking, camping or Overlanding adventure. While there are numerous kits and products that can fill your entire 40-liter backpack and make your vehicle seem like an ambulance, there are some essential items that can make up a lightweight kit that can handle everything from minor scratches to broken limbs. 

We got some great advice on this from Brian Holcombe at Adventure Medical Kits who suggested a few options that are affordable and can keep you safer on the trial or while car camping. Adventure Medical Kits offers a new Sportsman Series Kit that is specifically designed for a wide variety of outdoor adventure applications from Car Camping to Hunting, Fishing and more.

The kit features a detailed map to where all of the items are stored so you can more easily and quickly find what you need. If you don’t know how to treat a specific injury, the kit comes with a field instruction manual. The kit is organized by injury or ailment. If you’re concerned about weight and don’t think you need everything in the kit on your adventure, or want to leave some of it at your basecamp, the kit has a removable field trauma pack.

The Sportsman Series 400 is the largest kit of the series, but it is also available in a 300, 200 and 100 series kits that are smaller. In addition to the Sportsman Series kits, Adventure Medical Kits also has individual Trauma Pak that is available in three options that can depend on the level of activity and trauma that can be encountered during your adventure. The Trauma Paks are lightweight, resealable and waterproof, making them perfect to take with you on your motorized Powersports vehicle or other adventures where serious injuries can occur.

While these are just two of the new items available from Adventure Medical Kits, there are many more available for individual sports such as rock climbing, water sports, and more on the company’s website,

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