California Innovation’s Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chest Goes Anti-Microbial

Have you ever opened your ice chest after a three-day camping trip and smelled something funny? Most all ice chests develop bacteria on the inside walls and lid which can grow and can cause odors, mold, and weird stains that will have you wondering if that sliced turkey is still okay to eat.  While many coolers on the market are rugged in design and feature thick polyurethane insulation, California Innovations, manufacturers of the Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chest, have gone a step further and introduced a cooler that also features antimicrobial protection.

Untreated Titan Ice Chest
Untreated Titan ice chest
Titan Ice Chest Treated With Microban
Ice chest treated with Microban







The Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chest features the company’s Microban® antimicrobial protection that’s built into the cooler, and according to the company, this antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria and will last the life of the product. For those of us who frequently use ice chests for camping, fishing and keep them in hot vehicles during Overlanding excursions, it’s a much-needed feature that brings the ice chest up a notch in its evolution.

Made from roto-molded plastic, the Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chest uses a premium blend of thick polyurethane insulation that the manufacturer claims retains ice for up to four days. A thick 360-degree rubber gasket on the lid maintains the insulation properties and limits spills. The Titan also features an oversized drain plug that makes it easier to empty and it also features anti-skid feet at the base of the chest, that helps prevent it from sliding around in the back of your Jeep or pickup truck. The stainless steel rotating handle makes the ice chest easy to carry and heavy-duty T-latches keep the lid tight, quiet and are part of the ice chest’s IGBC Certification as bear-resistant.

At the 2019 Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, California Innovations demonstrated the effects of its Microban® antimicrobial protection, showing the difference between an untreated ice chest and a treated one. Under a blacklight, much more bacteria is visible under the untreated chest. California Innovation’s Titan ice chests are available in a 20-quart and 55-quart sizes and retail around $150 – $245. For more information on the Titan Deep Freeze Ice Chests, visit


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