ORU Foldable Kayak

ORU Folding Kayak

By Elijah Sanchez and Dan Sanchez

The ORU folding kayak was the inspiration from founder Anton Willis, who combines origami and architecture design and built a folding kayak. Ten years after his initial kayak, ORU came out with its latest design, the Beach LT. It’s a recreational kayak that is the company’s lightest and easiest to assemble and disassemble.

Made from a single solid piece of corrugated polypropylene, the Beach LT has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. and has a UV treatment that lasts 10 years, according to ORU. The folds on the structure add rigidity, and as demonstrated at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer show, the kayak folds down in a matter of minutes.

The advantage of a folding kayak like this is its portability. With the available backpack, the entire unit weighs 26 lbs and can be carried on an airplane. For more information, visit www.orukayak.com.

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