myCharge Adventure Series Portable Chargers

The myCharge Adventure Series Chargers offer lots of portable power that’s rugged and compact for outdoor and everyday use

By Elijah Sanchez

The new myCharge Adventure Series offers great solutions for charging devices outdoors and on the go. The four different chargers in the series come in several sizes, and offer various battery charging capacities, starting from 2x extra battery with the AdventureMini, to 8x extra battery with the Adventure Ultra. All the chargers are splash resistant, drop resistant, dirt proof, and are of very good quality. The rugged rubberized finish ensures that you have a durable and reliable power source for charging devices in any condition.

The AdventureMini, AdventurePlus, and the AdventureMax are good options for charging smaller devices that use USB ports, such as phones, tablets, and smartphones. These devices can be hooked onto bags or belt loops with the built-in carabiner clip, making them a good choice if you are looking for a small, durable, and lightweight portable charger. The AdventureUltra has more charging capabilities and can provide power for laptops, TV, fans, and LED lamps in addition to phones and tablets. It weighs one pound and is a good option if you are looking for a more capable portable charger. The AdventureMini retails for $29.99, the AdventurePlus retails for $39.99, and the AdventureUltra retails for $129.99.

AdventurePlus Review

By Dan Sanchez

The Adventure Plus is a rugged version of the myCharge product line that offers 4x extra battery (6700mAh) for mobile devices and tablets. It’s the mid-level unit in the Adventure Series and measures 4.4×2.6×1.0-inches and the carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to the inside of a backpack so it doesn’t get lost.

adventureplus portable charger outlets
The AdventurePlus is compact but still offers enough power to charge two mobile phones or tablet combinations.

On first use, the myCharge AdventurePlus was easy to use by simply turning on the unit with the rubberized power button on the side of the unit. Our unit came fully charged and we plugged in two mobile phones into the USB ports on the side. It took about 30 minutes to charge both phones and the AdventurePlus still had plenty of power left to charge a third phone with some power left to spare.

The myCharge Adventure Plus came with a small charger chord but not a plug for a normal house outlet. We plugged it into one of our power strips that had a USB port and the Adventure Plus took about 1 hour to come up to full charge.

We really liked the rubberized housing around the unit as it kept it well protected in our backpack. The unit itself is pretty rugged and withstood the real-world type of abuse it’s likely to be subjected too. For the most part, we kept it in our backpack and with water bottles, gear and other items shuffling around, it’s reassuring to know the Adventure Plus will be safe.

For a weekend camping trip, the myCharge Adventure Plus performed perfectly. On campus, the unit kept our student testers from becoming “wall huggers” searching for the nearest charging station or wall outlet to power up their devices between classes. For more information, visit

myCharge Adventureplus
A rubberized casing protects the unit from drops, spills, and dirt.

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