Magellan TRX7 CS GPS Built For Off-Road Adventurers

Magellan TRX7CS

By Elijah Sanchez

Magellan recently released its new TRX7 CS, the first ever combined GPS and HD camera that’s designed specifically with off-roaders in mind. The TRX7 CS changes the way experiences are both navigated and captured, allowing drivers to navigate through their choice of over 117,000 pre-loaded trails while simultaneously recording and capturing photos of their runs that can be highlighted with detailed geotagging, which can then be easily shared online via social media.  The HD camera also offers other features, including adjustable light settings, LED flash, a count-down timer, auto focus, and the ability to shoot time lapse and capture panoramic stills which can then be viewed at Magellan’s interactive website,

The TRX7 CS combined system is the only navigation unit with over 117,000 pre-loaded trails in addition to pre-loaded topographical and street maps, and millions of pre-loaded points of interest. The bright, 7-inch, high-resolution, shock, dust, and water resistant touchscreen offers turn-by-turn voice guidance directions for easy and smooth navigation and offers a companion mobile app to access maps and trails while away from the main unit. Through Android OS, the TRX7 CS gives access to music, email, the web, and other features when data connection is available, and even if data coverage is lost, the ultra-intelligent map and trail system will continue to function.

Magellan’s TRX7 series products are available at, as well as several off-road online and retail locations. The TRX7 CS has a retail price of $749.99, and the TRX7 base is listed with a retail price of $679.99.

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