Five Ten Rogue VCS Women’s Climbing Shoe Review

The Five Ten Rogue VCS Is A Great Women’s Climbing Shoe For Beginner To Advanced Rock Junkies

By J.D. Sanchez
Photos by Sam Perez

The Rogue VCS has all the comfort of a professional shoe with a supportive midsole for increased feeling and sensitivity while maintaining a lower total volume and narrow fit. Five Ten’s Stealth® C4™ outsoles are perfect at smearing and sticking to slim, scarcely-there edges. The velcro close feature is great for adjustability, resulting in a higher-volume fit than lace-ups, and for taking them on-and-off easily from the gym or climbing site, then to your backpack or gym bag.


My experience climbing with the Rogue VCS was nothing short of incredible, from the way the shoes fit, nice and tight on my feet, to the Stealth® C4™ outsoles sticking to the rock with every cautious step. The soft, comfortable leather upper feels great as I’m climbing and will ultimately stretch to the contours of my feet over time, for maximum comfort while climbing. They are a great beginner climbing shoe that offers professional quality and affordability with a brand who is excited to get people out there and climb.  For more information on the Five Ten Rogue VCS visit


Five Ten Rogue VCS Women's Review
The Double-strand Velcro closure system locks your foot into place and adjusts with ease for a high-volume fit.


Five Ten Rogue VCS Women's Stealth Rubber
The Stealth® C4™ outsole comes up over the front of the shoe, provides as a sturdy toe guard to protect your toes as you climb.



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