Kelty Sira 45 Women’s Backpack Review

Kelty Sira 45 Backpack

The Kelty Sira 45 Backpack Offers Comfort And Capacity For Day Or Overnight Excursions

By Janaise D. Sanchez

When looking for a backpack, comfort, durability, and capacity are the top three things most hikers and campers consider before purchasing a pack. Sometimes, the latest technology and innovations for internal frame backpacks in those three categories skimp over women’s packs. This is not the case, however, with the Kelty Sira 45 Women’s Backpack.

The Kelty Sira 45 incorporates the company’s PerfectFIT™ suspension system which makes for a more comfortable fit as it is designed to mold to your body. While the Sira 45 fits the category of a large daypack or small overnight pack, the suspension makes it easier to bear the weight as well as molding to your torso size for maximum comfort immediately and effortlessly. In addition, the air gap between the contoured pack frame and back cushion helps keep you drier, ultimately adding to the comfort of the pack.

Kelty Sira 45 hip belt- FreshAirJunkieAlthough the Sira 45 doesn’t incorporate Kelty’s Kinesis Hip Belt, a new parallel pivot hip belt system that is designed to operate individually on each hip as you walk instead of rocking back and forth from side to side, the Sira 45 is still incredibly comfortable.  During a recent outing, we filled up the Sira 45 with our gear and headed out on a weekend excursion. At full capacity, I discovered the level of comfort Kelty’s Sira 45 Women’s Backpack holds. It is like no other backpack I have worn before and upon first putting it on, stuffed to the full 45 liters, I immediately fell in love with it.

In my experience hiking with the Sira 45, I could feel the belt conform to my hips as I walked and it sat perfectly on top of them. It was obvious to me that this backpack was designed for women, it’s comfortable, all day wear fit is truly something to be rivaled with. The Sira 45 also offers the same conveniences as their other backpacks such as the top loading lid and main pack bag access zipper to take your gear out of the pack with ease. It additionally features stretch mesh pockets on top for water bottles and other loose items and adjustable mesh pockets for extra storage of gear.

As a daypack, the Kelty 45 is a little large, but for backpackers who want to go light, the 45-liter size is good for an overnight or even a weekend excursion if you’re very well organized.  Find out more info on the Kelty Sira 45 at

By J.D. Sanchez, Photos By Sam Perez


kelty sira 45 on- freshairjunkie
The Kelty Sira 45 was the perfect size for an overnight desert excursion. The fit was comfortable and didn’t hinder our hiking abilities.









The gap between the contoured frame and the back padding works well to keep you dry.








The top cinch and center zipper make it easy to access to gear, even with the pack on.








Although the Sira 45 doesn’t incorporate Kelty’s Kinesis Hip Belt system, it’s still comfortable and makes for a great day or overnight pack.




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