Merrill Agility Collection Trail Running Shoe

Merrell agility collection trail running shoe

Merrell’s Agility Collection Trail Running Shoe Combines Technical Support With Comfort

Trail running shoes are all about providing support and agility in un-even terrain.  Merrell’s Agility Collection, however, adds another design element that includes comfort. According to Kelley Ballou, at Merrell, the incorporation of the company’s Flex-Connect Technology, allowed them to create a shoe that avid trail runners would appreciate, but with added comfort and shock absorption that will be especially helpful on long trail runs.

The trail running shoe has a unique sole that mimics the metatarsals of the foot, which according to Ballou, helps to provide a better connection to the trail. While the shoe provides upward flexibility for running up hills, Merrell also added downward flexibility and a hyper-lock heel for added stability and fit. The shoe also has features such as a slightly wider toe box which allows feet to splay out a bit and adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.  For more information on Merrell’s Agility Collection, or their entire line of products, visit Watch the video below on Merrell’s Agility Collection trail running shoe from the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Expo.

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