Disc-O-Bed Portable Bunk Beds

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At the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Show, we had an opportunity to meet up with Drew Sfugaras from Disc-O-Bed, who explained how the company’s modular sleeping bed design makes camping outdoors comfortable. Disc-O-Bed is a South African company who has been in business since 1989. Many of its bed designs are used in military and emergency applications, but within the last 10 years, the company has been able to bring their unique design into the outdoor retail marketplace.

Essentially, the Disc-O-Bed is similar to a cot, but unlike most designs it can be configured into a bunk that can provide more room in a smaller space, such as a four-man tent. An entire two-man cot disassembles into a compact bag that easily fits into any truck or sport utility vehicle. The unique discs at the four corners of each bed is the key to the Disc-O-Bed’s success. All of the weight is supported at each disc, which evenly distributes it across the frame. This also means that the cot design doesn’t require a middle support, which makes the bed much more comfortable for anyone to sleep in.

For campers looking for something that provides more support than an air mattress and sleeping on the ground, the Disc-O-Bed is a premium sleeping alternative that can truly transform your camping experience, into a “glamping” experience. For more information on the Disc-O-Bed, visit www.discobed.com.

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