Hanz Waterproof Gloves And Socks Review

FreshAirJunkie.com Tests Hanz Gloves

There have been countless times when we wished we had waterproof gloves that weren’t bulky. So when we heard about the Hanz waterproof gloves, we wanted to try them out and see how they compared to a variety of gloves we’ve tested in the past. The first thing you think of when you talk about waterproof gloves is that you’re wearing a pair of plastic bags over your hands. The reality is that breathable materials make waterproofing much better and reliable to wear, and the Hanz gloves have all that technology built into their gloves.

Once we put them on, the first thin you realize is that the lightweight gloves that are also not typically like skiing or mountaineering gloves. The Hanz gloves feature three membrane layers that depending on he model, can provide up to a thermal level of H5. The gloves we tested were rated at H2, perfect for the average outdoor enthusiast who wants to get up early in the morning to make coffee, fetch water from a semi-frozen stream and have enough dexterity with the gloves on to make a fire and use an axe.

The Hanz gloves feature three layers and grip-dots along the inside palm.
The Hanz gloves feature three layers and grip-dots along the inside palm.

What’s great about the Hanz waterproof gloves is that they are form fitting and stretch to feel comfortable and not bulky. The outer shell is a Nylon/Lycra-Spandex that is flexible and durable. Because the outer layer is a knitted fabric, some of our testers thought the outer shell could get caught on small twigs and branches and potentially tear. But we didn’t experience any of that during our evaluation and found the outer shell had good abrasion resistance and shouldn’t tear unless you rub your hands against sharp or pointed objects.

The outer shell also features grip dots all over the palm and fingers that provides extra grip on slippery surfaces. This made it great to hold onto fishing poles and pots of water. We also liked that the gloves covered all the way up to the wrist, providing extra warmth and preventing cold air from getting into the sleeves of our parka.

The inside layers of the glove consist of a stretchable membrane that is waterproof and a breathable membrane that wicks moisture away from your hands. Working with and hiking in the Hanz gloves all day, we remained warm and dry. Any perspiration during heavy exercise or chopping wood evaporated and our hands never felt clammy. With a built-in scent guard, we didn’t experience any sweatty smells after wearing the gloves all morning and they felt very comfortable under a variety of conditions. It’s important to note that the Hanz gloves should not be punctured or overstretched, as it could damage the internal membranes of the glove.

The Hanz socks are not form fitting but do a good job. The sock on the right is inside out so the membrane is visible.
The Hanz socks are not form fitting but do a good job. The sock on the right is inside out so the membrane is visible.

Since the gloves are considered waterproof, we couldn’t help but dip them into a stream of cold water and aside from the outer layer feeling damp, no water ever got on our skin. We also liked that the gloves can be easily rolled up and stored in a backpack or even in your pant pocket without feeling bulky or having to clip them to the outside of your backpack. You can simply roll them up and shove them anywhere, as they don’t take up much space. The only drawback we found with these gloves is that the inside liner is white. Over a weekend of camping, it can get pretty dirty looking. Fortunately, the Hanz gloves can be hand or machined washed on a gentle cycle.

Along with the waterproof gloves, Hanz makes waterproof socks which are just as breathable and comfortable to wear as the gloves themselves. While the waterproof socks are not as form fitting as the gloves, they do provide excellent waterproofing and kept our feet warm and dry. While the socks moved around a little in our hiking boots, they felt a little awkward at first, but once we got used to them, they didn’t prove to cause any blisters or discomfort. These are sox we want to try hiking in Zion’s slot canyons when icy cold water often comes up to your ankles. We’ll try these and report on how they performed here.

The Hanz waterproof gloves and socks are made in the U.S.A. and are available in small to extra large sizes. For more information, visit www.hanzusa.com.

By Dan Sanchez and Sam Perez

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