Timberland Explains How SensorFlex Technology Is Used In Its Line Of Casual Shoes

Timberland SensorFlex in casual shoe line

Timberland introduced SensorFlex technology last year for the company’s line of trekking footwear. But as the market shifted to wanting a more refined product, SensorFlex technology became more streamlined. This new adaptation allowed Timberland to add its SensorFlex technology to in the company’s casual outdoor products.

Gregg Duffy at Timberland explained how SensorFlex technology has changed the company’s line of casual outdoor lifestyle shoes. With an emphasis on comfort and quality, Timberland believes that it can incorporate the comfort and breathability that are typical features of a hiking shoe. Because SensorFlex acts like a suspension system, casual shoes can be built to be as comfortable as a light hiking boot, while still incorporating high-quality materials such as full leather uppers.

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