Wenger Blackout EvoGrip 10 Knife Review

An extremely cool and stealthy-looking knife, the Wenger Blackout EvoGrip 10 has 13 functions wrapped up in a gloss-black handle. The handle is ergonomically shaped on the sides and features non-slip, flat-black rubber inserts that make the knife feel good and secure in your hands. The outside handle looks great with the combination of gloss black plastic and the flat rubber inserts, giving it a classy look. Even thought the handle is plastic, it doesn’t come off as a cheap knife, especially after you open the blade.

The functions, including the 2.5-inch blade are all covered in a dark, non-reflective, Physical Vapor Deposition finish. Basically looks like black anodizing, but as we found out, the the PVD is very resilient. We almost didn’t want to use the knife in fear we’d scratch it up. But after some light use, we began to get more comfortable with it, and were later pleased with how durable the finish really is.

Wenger EvoGrip 10 ergonomic handle. Photo copywright FreshAirjunkie.com The blade is made from Wenger’s European steel that’s used on all their knives. It has a Rockwell hardness of 56. So it makes for a good camping, backpacking and hiking all-purpose knife. We also found the screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver handy when we needed to tighten some of our camera equipment, and the tweezers came in handy to pull out a small splinter we got during a long hike. There are other models in the Blackout series, including the EvoGrip 63 which has fewer functions.

If you want your first Wenger Swiss Army Knife, but don’t like the typical red or yellow design. the EvoGrip 10 is perfect. It’s small, lightweight and won’t feel bulky in your pant pocket. More importantly, you won’t look like MacGyver or an obsessive Boy Scout when you take it out to use it. We also liked the fact that the knife comes in a nice metal case. The EvoGrip 10 retails around $89.95, while the EvoGrip 63 retails around $59.95.

Blackout EvoGrip 10
Weight – 1.9 oz
Size – 3.25″
Functions: 2.5″ blade, Locking screwdriver, Cap lifter, Wire stripper, Can opener, Nail file, Nail cleaner, Corkscrew, Reamer, Awl, Toothpick, Tweezers, Key ring.

Blackout EvoGrip 63
Weight – 1.2 oz
Size – 3.25″
Functions: 2.5″ blade, Locking screwdriver, Can opener, Cap lifter, Corkscrew, Toothpick, Tweezers.

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