Three Great Mountain Bike Rides In Brian Head, Utah

Check out these single track routes that are all downhill and pass through the most beautiful and historic scenery the area has to offer.

Second Left Hand Canyon trail. Photo by David Oare
Second Left Hand Canyon trail. Photo by David Oare

By Dan Sanchez

Utah’s Brian Head Resort offers great mountain bike riding during the summer months. Here’s three great rides that will test your skills and give you some of the best views in the area.

Left Fork Of Bunker Creek – From the Brian Head Peak Road, about three miles out of town, follow the road to Sidney Peaks Trail. At the fork in the road head to the left and the trail will head downhill for about 12 miles. Here the single track is excellent and you’ll enjoy it all the way until it reaches Highway 143 at the bottom. Once you’re at the end, drop into the general store and wait for the shuttle to take you back to the resort .

Dark Hollow – This is one of the best downhill trails in the area and drops more than 5,000 feet in a little under 15 miles. The final miles are simple dirt roads, but it’s an exciting ride that starts at the high point of the Bunker Creek Trail.  You’ll find the Dark Hollow trail here and as you head down, look for the markings on the trees. The single track here can get a little confusing.

Passing through Aspens in Dark Hollow. Photo by David Oare
Passing through Aspens in Dark Hollow. Photo by David Oare

You then continue down to Cub Lake, where you’ll eventually end up at Paradise Spring. Here you follow the trail on the left and glide down the fast single track in this area, but watch out for some steep rocky pitches. The single track ends abruptly at Second Hand Left Canyon Road. Turn left here and roll downhill to see some of the best scenery in the area. Once you reach the bottom, you can wait for the shuttle and head back.

Scout Camp Loop– This 10 mile loop is short but passes through lots of the area’s historical sites. Start at the Brian Head Hotel and head up to Bear Flat Road until it reaches the meadow. Find the double track that’s near the first cabin and head to the left.  Follow the tree blazes to Munoz Meadow and then continue till you reach the intersection of Paradise Spring and Hendrickson Lake. Follow the trail around the lake and take the left trail that will eventually lead you to the Scout Camp. Follow the trail until you get to the “T” intersection on a graded dirt road. There’s lots of other trails that intersect so it’s important to say on the main trail. If you’re on the right trail, you’ll eventually get to the Pioneer Cabins where you’ll be back on single track again. You’ll eventually cross two beautiful meadows and reach another historical cabin. From here you can catch the main road back to the Brian Head Hotel.

When visiting Brian Head in the summer, there’s plenty of trail guides and maps that can guide you through other single track rides that are sure to challenge the novice to expert rider. For more information, you can visit

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