Sunglass Review: Costa’s Caballito!

Costa's Caballito, working with you
Costa’s Caballito, working with you

By Riley Tucker

Fresh air junkies on the open water or hiking trails can look to Costa’s Caballito for durability and protection against the elements.  Caballito is a name given to baitfish in Panama, which means “little horse.”  Fitting, because these sunglasses worked with us on a geocaching excursion; offering light-weight design and durable features.

Sycamore canyon is full of green cache!  Trees, grass and moss await the eager visitor.  With June gloom upon the area, it was a delight to have the Caballito warding off glare from my eyes.  While there are several lenses to choose from in the Caballito series, I wore the gray 580P lenses and it was a substantial contrast when I momentarily took off the glasses upon my ascent to the stream.  The glare from the warming sun along the fog was offset by the 580P lens.  Not only could I read my geocaching unit more clearly, I could see the topographical features in their entirety.

One thing that has always been a distraction to me is when I put on a hat and the sunglass arms push against my ears.  I didn’t have this problem in Costa’s Caballito.  There is a variegated edge in the arms that grip to the outer ear; this variegation appears at the bridge of the nose as well, offering a supportive stability to the frame.

style meets durability in Costa's logo and variegated arms
style meets durability in Costa’s logo and variegated arms

The Hydrolite pads kept the glasses firmly about face.  As these glasses stayed on in the warming afternoon weather, I see why they are popular among the folks at sea.  The support of the Hydrolite pads coupled with the variegation in the arms and bridge would be a welcome addition to choppy waters and windy weather.

In case you were wondering, the Caballito comes in a protective zippered case that keeps the glasses dry and secluded.  This is a welcome addition to the already indestructible nylon frame, when you want to horse around on the trail.

I wore the Caballito in shiny black, but there are also other colors available.  Tortoise, white/black, driftwood, black/coral and black/green are offered for your complimentary attire.  For a suggested retail of $149.00 and a myriad of lens colors, Costa’s Caballito will be a nice sporting addition indeed.


Just in case...
Just in case…


Hinge: Integral

Lens Size: ML

Frame Fit: M

Lenses: CR-39® or glass

Frame Material: Nylon

: Rx-able

3 thoughts on “Sunglass Review: Costa’s Caballito!

  1. Where can i buy a pair? Can i purchase a set from you guys direct on line and have you ship to me in South Africa?

  2. Hi Richard,

    You can do an internet search for retailers of Costa’s product line. We don’t sell products we review…why that would be an ethical conflict.

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