Abbey Roast Gourmet Coffee Review

Abbey Roast is 100% Arabica Coffee

Abbey Roast is pure, high-quality gourmet coffee.
Abbey Roast is pure, high-quality gourmet coffee.


By Mary Webb

Subtle, smooth, and even, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had! These are the words that echoed throughout our breakfast room after sipping on Abbey Roast’s gourmet coffee. High-altitude roasted, and carefully prepared by Benedictine Monks, Abbey’s 100% mountain-grown Arabica Coffee Beans are singular to say the least, as the monastery is the only export customer, outside of Brazil, to obtain these award winning beans.

Available in whole bean, coarse grind for French press, medium and fine-drip grinds for machines, I fancy the fact that these beans can be delivered weekly to my home or office; arriving to me fresh-roasted and bright-remained for the week.

I recently gathered myself and a group of friends for a weekend traveling excursion through Paso Robles, California, but the journey really began the morning of a java-fest of Abbey Roast’s slow-roasted Brazilian coffee varietal and amicable conversation.

Group consensus was clear, there was no tartness or bitterness in the coffee. With my fresh-laid chicken eggs and farmer’s market zucchini, I prepared a fluffy-sweet bread to pair up with the Brazilian Abbey Roast and it was divine. The coffee did not over-power the natural flavors of the bread and with just a touch of coconut milk in the coffee, there was a symbiotic relationship.

Sitting by the fire in our warm home, it was difficult to imagine the distant journey these coffee beans have taken. Harvested from small, family-owned plantations located in the mountains of Nova Friburgo, Brazil, the beans are then shipped to the mountains bordering the Gila National Forest in southwest New Mexico for roasting.

Award winning Brazilian beans are an Abbey favorite.
Award winning Brazilian beans are an Abbey favorite.

Taught by several master coffee roasters on the West Coast and Southwest, Abbey Roast coffee is roasted at the same elevation that most coffee is grown at. This Z factor is what gives the coffee its wow-factor!

The Benedictine Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery are working hard for the ensuing holidays. A Christmas coffee blend is in the works to intermingle families, friends and acquaintances this coming celebration season.

So, it was with a wave and heartfelt thanks that I bid farewell to my comrades in Paso Robles. One of my friends, waved out to me before she departed. I anticipated another gesture of “meeting-up again soon,” but I was surprised, and not, that her words were, “send me the link to the Abbey Roast site so I can order a bunch of their beans.”

You can order your Abbey Roast at  and if you’d like to learn more about the Benedictine monks who are behind the scenes producing the best product they can in order to support the monastery and their brothers and sisters in countries around the world, go to .

The following are the types of Abbey Roast Coffee available:

  • Espresso (a blend of four types of beans)
  • French Roast
  • Papa New Guinea
  • Veracruz Mexican
  • Oacha Mexican (west coast)
  • Pluma Mexican (west coast)
  • Columbian
  • Guatamalan
  • Sumatra
  • Java
  • Sumatra
  • Ethiopia
  • Celebes


Decaf is available in:

  • Columbia
  • Mexican




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