MOUNTAINSMITH Pyrite 7075 Trekking Pole Review

Mt. Smith Pyrite 7075 Trekking Poles.
Mountainsmith Pyrite 7075 Trekking Poles.

By Rick Shandley

Mountainsmith Pyrite 7075 trekking poles are a solid pair of hiking sticks targeted for entry level to intermediate hiker who wants value for their money, but looks for durable and reliable gear. The Pyrite 7075 trekking poles are priced at $49.95 MSRP.

However, these hiking sticks have been on many trail patrols in the upper elevations of the Northern Colorado Rockies and the Gila National Forest down in the southwest of New Mexico. The Mountainsmith Pyrite 7075 trek sticks have proven to be extremely hardy under significant use while consistently maintaining pole length adjustment.

Once adjusted to the user, they rarely, if ever, tended to collapse or require readjusting. We liked that quality and felt these trekking poles, like most of the Mountainsmith products we have had the opportunity to review, are something that readers should know about.

Starting with three sections of aircraft-grade Easton 7075 aluminum tubing, the Pyrite poles are outfitted with some essential high-quality components that keep the weight down to a squeak more than a pound for the pair. We liked the low-weight and the collapsible size of the pair of trekking poles while lashed to the outside of the pack when not in use.

One of these vital components are the Twist-lock Double Cam adjustment mechanism that assures consistent

Carbide tips offer good bite on hard ground. Poles come with rubber tip caps.
Carbide tips offer good bite on hard ground. Poles come with rubber tip caps.

adjustment of the trek sticks up to the equivalent of a 160-lb. weight load. Keep in mind, a hiker rarely wants to collapse their entire weight onto a hiking stick except to secure ones balance momentarily.

Another sound component can be viewed as a suspension system. The Pyrite 7075 poles feature spring loaded anti-shock systems with the lock-out twist adjustment mechanism. So under a harsh load weight, they will give enough to absorb some of the force that can be generated from a fall or sudden jarring event on the trail.

These Pyrite 7075’s come with Carbide steel pole tips when you really need some bite on the ground. If you don’t need the bite, rubber boots come with each pair. You can acquire snow baskets separately, although updated two pin locking attachments for hiking baskets are included with each pair of Pyrite’s.

Fully collapsed, the Pyrite is relatively compact at 26 inches. At full usable extension, the sticks measure 54 inches which accommodates folks greater than six feet in height. Dual-density molded rubber hand grips and padded webbing wrist straps where always comfortable and provided good grip for large hands.

Rubber grips are comfortable and offer good ventilation.
Rubber grips are comfortable and offer good ventilation.

Our pair of Mountainsmith Pyrite 7075 poles have been used as a pair and separately. Sometimes you get a hiking partner who has never used trekking poles. So being able to hand them one of yours is often times a good introduction into the benefits of using trekking poles to take some weight off and function as a traction support on the trail.

Other times using a single trekking pole is more practical, like having a dog on the leash where trail etiquette requires it. You need a free hand to manage the leash. Most open space trails in Colorado, and parks like Estes Rocky Mountain National Park mandate dogs must be on a leash at all times. That means Annie, “The Mighty Border Collie” must be on a leash.  Ugh! But if she can’t go hiking, neither can this writer. Or you might have a youngster on the trail with you where it’s important to keep a free hand available to snatch the child from impending doom. So there are plenty of times when you can only use one trekking pole regardless of your pack weight or days in the field. The Pyrite 7075 works great when the situation calls for a single trek pole.

We can enthusiastically recommend the Mountainsmith Pyrite 7075 trekking poles to any hiker who is in the process of building up their assembly of hiking, mountaineering approach, or backpacking gear. It’s hard to beat the fundamental quality the Pyrite 7075 trekking poles offer. They work well.

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