MT. Khakis Lake Lodge Twill Pants

MountainKhakis_lake_lodge_twill-PantAh, the Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill. Yes, such a fine blend of lightweight and custom stretch fabric in a pant any guy can relate to. It’s a nice choice for hefting that snifter of fine brandy whilst waiting for the table at your favorite five-star alpine chateau. You might toy with the idea of an after dinner cruise on the lake, or a late night round of Texas Hold ’em with the frisky cougars from town. Go where you want to go. Do what you want to do. Never forget: It’s your town, your people!

In the morning you’ll slip on your MK’s one leg at a time, just so you have something in common with everyman. Then, perhaps you’ll flick a few flies on the trout stream (you know, catch and release) before an afternoon round of high-country golf. Action wear? Sure. Yet being practical and having an appreciation for the relaxed fit (10-inch rise) doesn’t prevent you from being charming, even…classy.

Mountain Khakis Men’s Lake Lodge Twill pants are a hybrid blend of cotton and Lycra twill designed to be comfortable and go where you go in style. You have a range of colors to choose from and sizes that will fit most entrepreneurial rainmakers. At a price point of $84.95, it’ll encourage you to own a pair in each color. Why you’ll be set to mix and match with your robust stable of shirts, shoes, belts, and what have you. Hey, if you feel like a Tiger you are a Tiger — unless you have the same Tee time. Then back it down a notch.

Sizes: Waist – 30-42; 33; 35-with inseam choice of 30, 32, and 34. You can also order sizes 34×36; 36×36 and 38×36

Color Choices: Light Khaki, Classic Khaki, and Navy blue

2 thoughts on “MT. Khakis Lake Lodge Twill Pants

  1. Whenever my husband wears his Lake Lodge Pants, he tells me “It’s going to be a Lake Lodge day!” This means it’s going to be a coffee sippin, not too stressed kinda day that will likely end with some climbing or mountain biking. Sounds good to me!!

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