Swiftwick Pursuit Compression Sock Review

Swiftwick Pursuit Two

By Dan Sanchez

If you’re looking for a performance sock that also offers some of the benefits of compression, the Swiftwick Pursuit is a great choice. Made from 66 percent Merino wool, 27 percent nylon, and 7 percent Spandex, the Pursuit offers excellent wicking for trail running and light hiking. While most light hiking socks have more cushion on the heel and toe, the Pursuit has is all along the footbed of the sock. It kind of resembles a moccasin. While it doesn’t make the sock feel any heavier, it does help on long treks. We liked it more for longer hikes where we would use a heavier sock, and felt the Pursuit was more comfortable and lighter.

The toe has a window seam that kept it comfortable and the plush Merino wool terry absorbed shocks and keep our toes from moving around. After a 10 mile quick-paced hike, we were glad we had these socks. Our hips and knees hurt, but our feet remained comfortable and ready for more.

Shown inverted, you can see the heavy padding on the footbed, channelled upper, and double-wall compression cuff.
Shown inside out, you can see the heavy padding on the footbed, channeled upper, and double-wall compression cuff.

The center of the sock provides great arch support with a good arch band. The Y-heel contour keeps your foot well planted in the shoe, minimizing movement and preventing blisters. Swiftwick also incorporates a channeled upper on the Pursuit that allows the sock to dry quickly and keep your foot cool. While some double compression cuffs feel tight, it wasn’t so on the Pursuit. It felt comfortable all day long and the effects of the sock’s medium-level of compression kept our feet feeling great after a long day of hiking.

Compared to other Swiftwick compression socks, the Pursuit ranks higher in the amount of compression over other socks in the company’s line (a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10). As with other Swiftwick socks, it’s available in a variety of lengths that start below the ankle, all the way to full calf. Our test pair was above the ankle (Pursuit Two) which worked great on both trail running shoes and light to medium hiking boots with ankle support.

As tested, the Swiftwick Pursuit retails around $18 and because it offers the benefits of compression, extra thickness in the footbed, and excellent wicking properties, it’s a sock you definitely want to have if you’re going on a long hike, but don’t want to pull out a pair of heavy thick socks. For more information, visit www.swiftwick.com.

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