Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 Shorts Review

Lightweight and quick drying, the Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 shorts are rugged for any outdoor adventure.

Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 CargoManufactured from 100 percent Nylon, the Gramiccid Rockit Dry 2 shorts are comfortable and feature an adjustable Nylon cinch belt with a built-in plastic buckle. Following the tradition of Gramicci rock climbing pants, the Rockit Dry 2 shorts are durable and move with you on long hikes or while climbing over rocks. The double needle reinforced stitching keeps the shorts intact when they’re stretched to the limit and deep pockets keep your items safe without feeling too bulky.

We liked the heavy-duty front zipper, and our test pair featured a cargo pocket on the left leg, which has a flap and zipper that can keep valuables from slipping out. There are lots of extra pockets in this short that are perfect for carrying a cell phone, knife or other piece of gear you may want quick access to. While the shorts seemed very light weight, they’re actually very tough and rugged. The nylon dries quickly and Gramicci prewashes the garment with a molecular protein wash that makes the nylon fabric feel very soft against your skin.

On hot days, the Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 shorts are a welcome relief over cotton or denim cargo shorts. Because they’re also available in a wide variety of colors, they can also be a great pair of casual shorts that can be worn at your local pub or restaurant. After a long day of hiking, the shorts washed up nicely. Just make sure to hang them after you take them out of the wash or dryer as they can wrinkle up if left in your laundry basket.

The crotch and inner seam is gusseted and in three pieces. This keeps the shorts from bundling up too much in a rock climbing harness, a feature Gramicci has always put into their pants and shorts. While the shorts look and feel great, we would have preferred a slightly wider and longer leg. But all styling aside, the Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 cargo shorts are definitely one of our best picks for hiking, travel and rock climbing. For more information, visit

Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 men's shorts
Lightweight, quick drying, and rugged, the Gramicci Rockit Dry 2 cargo shorts are perfect for some light bouldering or rock climbing.

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