ColdPruf ECO Terra Top
ColdPruf ECO Terra Top

By Shandman

ColdPruf Eco-Terra base layer tops and bottoms are a good investment as the temperatures drop into winter. Some mornings the temps are still in the single digits and low teens. The cold is here for the 2012 Rocky Mountain winter.

At this writing, it is 25-degrees outside and snow is on the forecast. But there’s wood to cut and horses to move from pasture to barn. There a lot of work that requires significant physical activity. For the better part of this Fall and early days of winter, COLDPRUF’s new ECO-TERRA base layers have been under assessment on the trail and on the ranch. Not only are they warm, unrestrictive, and comfortable, but both the bottoms and the top base layer have been through the laundry many times now, and they have held up very well.

Since ECO-TERRA base layer is designed for very cold temperatures and high activity, so they are perfect for cold weather mountaineering, snowshoeing, winter backpacking, hiking, and downhill skiing. We worn ECO-TERRA under nylon fabric wind pants and jacket shells, levis, heavy-gauge canvas Carhartt and MT. Khakis alpine pants, as well as under down jackets with just the top base layer and bottoms under levis for warmth. These ECO-TERRA base layer components will be outstanding for delivering warmth when you are on the move. And when you slow down and stop to rest, the COLFPRUF base layer system helps to keep the warmth in and prevents your body from cooling down too quick.

These ECO-TERRA base layers are heaters! If the temperatures are in the high thirties to low forties, you might get too hot. We found them to be comfortable when the average temperature for the day would be in the mid to low thirties with moderate physical activity. As the temperatures drop into the twenties, teens and single digits, these ECO-TERRA base layers, both bottom and top together, work as advertised. We can highly recommend them for cold weather across the spectrum of potential outdoors activities including working outside in harsh weather.  The price point of $30.00 U.S. for either the Mens’ or Women’s ECCO-TERRA base layers is moderate, so you can justify buying several full sets of tops and bottoms to get you through the winter, but last for years to come.

Product Information:

The Men’s ECO-TERRA base layer is intended for medium-to-high activity, in very cold-to-extreme cold weather.
Features include:
*70/30 percent blend of recycled performance polyester and Merino wool
*Microban antimicrobial protection
*Eight ounce single layer Raschel knit
*Front and back rise, gussets, extended tail, rib cuffs and flat seams
*True-to-size fit
*MSRP: $30

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