SmartWool Wintersport Crew Sweater Review

Wintersport Crew: A Smart Choice by SmartWool

Smartwool Sweater. Click to enlarge.Cleverly knitted, this SmartWool Women’s Wintersport Crew sweater was a great choice for an early spring trail romp. With the daytime temperatures still very cool, we found a nice hike in the University of California, Riverside Botanical Gardens a well-turned out experience with this expertly crafted sweater.

And because spring had not quite sprung, we knew our hike would require something warm, yet breathable for the various trails towards spectacular views, daffodils in bloom, and turtles in the sun.    It was a smart choice to plunge into this Wintersport crew as it is warm, comfortable against the skin, and made with 100-percent Merino wool. At a $130, SmartWool’s Wintersport Crew is a sweater that’s versatile enough for spring ski trips, day hikes, and almost too cool to pass up!

As we strolled along, patches of spring daisies, hazies, and native wildflowers appeared before us. And the Wintersport Crew provided good insulation in the chilly morning hours of hiking without overheating. It was warm enough for those trail-stops where we took in the view of the gardens, and the body would cool down with the temporary inactivity.  Yep, this sweater is able to provide protection against the elements.  You know this right after slipping it on.

Fit was excellent and there was enough wiggle room for a lightweight base layer. Although we chose the garden hike, we could have just as easily driven an hour up to Snow Summit to ski for the day. For a ski-session, a light t-shirt worn underneath does the trick for added warmth for a day on the slopes, but this sweater was fine all by itself for our post-winter hike.  Even as emerging daffodils find comfort in the sun, so did we with the morning sun to our backs and cool breezes from the north as they flowed of the snow covered Angeles National Forest.

Smart Design!

Black Ottoman striping on the sleeves might entice one to race for the outdoors!  This theme is carried to the interior neckline to

Vintage 1920's home graced with a classic Marino wool sweater.
Vintage 1920's home graced with a classic Marino wool sweater.

balance out the look.  Chic ribbing at neck and waistline compliment a pair of jeans or ski pants equally.  There is a subtle variegated knit stitch at the wrist defining the sleeve ends. Like a women, the hour glass design of the sweater let the sweater fit like a tailored blouse. The sweater seamed to mold itself to the body’s movement!

While this Wintersport Crew champions a Natural Heather color, other shades you can choose from are Black (with white stripes), Magenta, and Apple Green. For those who live in a cool climate at upper elevations or anywhere along the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean, you might consider one in each color and consider this item as your year-round evening uniform. You’ll always be in style, they work great with a fabric blazer or sassy-cool leather jacket for outerwear, and you’ll never lose that loving feeling…again.

As this sweater was worn for several hours, its comfort helped pass the time in style at the Botanical gardens. By the way, even the SmartWool logo seemed to come alive in its fashion-favorable location towards the bottom of the sweater.

Smart Products!

SmartWool logo and Marion knit rib waistband.
SmartWool logo and Marion knit rib waistband.

Merino wool is said to be virtually free of most of the discomforts typically attributed to wool products such as itchy, moldy smelling, and so forth.  We didn’t experience any of those traditional gripes. The sheep wool Smart Wool uses comes straight from New Zealand Merino sheep. New Zealand merino wool is highly valued for its ability to produce the softest, strongest and whitest wool on the planet according to the Smart Wool website.  In order to consistently produce quality wool products, SmartWool has nurtured long-standing relationships with its New Zealand growers. These folks are shepherds who understand the needs of their land, sheep, and their contribution to the outdoor industry.

From our viewpoint and several day-trips wearing this sweater, it gets high marks. After spending significant time in the Wintersport Crew, we realized the value; whether you hitting the slopes with a follow up dinner or hiking a flower-lined trail and meeting up for coffee with friends, you are getting two sweaters for the price of one!  This sweater has it all, the classic look of a scholar with the agility of an athlete!

By Mary Webb

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  1. Beautifully written and descriptive. I am a big fan of Smartwool, owning many items but I don’t have any of the more casual items. I have stuck to the technical base layers, socks and such. This review has made me want to try some of the more stylish pieces they have to offer. I also enjoy that they are environmentally friendly and humane in their operations.

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