Grand Trunk Micro Stool Review

Grand Truck Micro Stool 2

Grand Trunk’s Micro Stool provides a lightweight option for backpackers concerned about weight and…would rather not sit on a rock.

By Dan Sanchez

Backpackers like to travel light. But sitting on the hard ground or a rock isn’t a great way to enjoy the backcountry scenery. Luckily, Grand Truck came out with its Micro Stool, that offers a better seating option that’s also lightweight.
The Micro Stool is a collapsible nylon and aluminum seat that weights only 10 ounces and folds up neatly in a small 12 x6-inch stuff sack. Although small, the Micro Stool can hold up to 250 lbs. and although it’s not a recliner, it’s definitely much nicer than sitting on the ground.
During a weekend backpacking trip, we stuffed the micro stool into one of our backpack’s outer pockets. The thick nylon stuff sack has a top draw string and is durable enough to resist scratches against rocks or tree branches. We took out the stool once our first campsite was set up. The stool’s legs are in two pieces, and assemble much like a standard aluminum tent pole. Once the legs are assembled, you simply unfold the stool and set your behind down on it.
We liked the mesh gear pocket under the stool. It makes it easy to store a cell phone, or keep your utensils clean while you’re waiting for your food to cook on your portable stove.

The micro stool collapses and folds into a small stuff sack.
The micro stool collapses and folds into a small stuff sack.

The stool may seem small but we actually found it definitely more comfortable than sitting on the ground or using our lightweight sleeping pad as a seat cushion. The stool seats you about 9.5 inches above the ground, which is just enough to comfortably extend your feet, or sit while attending your stove.
The Micro Stool never felt unsturdy but in soft soil, the legs may push into the dirt a bit. So you’ll need to find a suitable hard, flat surface to rest your bottom with it. One of our 6’5″ companions looked a little awkward sitting on the small stool, but he felt comfortable. Although after a while it felt a little low to him, it was definitely much better than sitting on the snow covered ground at our campsite.
The Grand Truck Micro Stool retails around $30 and although it’s lightweight, it has a solid, sturdy feel to it. For more information, visit

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