Columbia Sportswear New Cooling Technology

Columbia Sportswear recently announced a new technology called Omni-Freeze ZERO. This technology provides a cooling effect in hot, moist conditions and is the result of a four-year development effort. Essentially, fabrics with Omni-Freeze ZERO will feature small blue rings that are embedded. The rings contain a cooling polymer that when exposed to sweat or moisture, swell and create an instant and prolonged cooling sensation against the skin.

“Historically, outdoor and athletic brands have looked at sweating as a problem…something to be wicked away with so-called ‘technical,’ decades-old polyester fabrics,” said Mick McCormick, executive vice president.  “Omni-Freeze ZERO is an entirely new approach, and unlike anything the industry has ever seen. We see sweat as a renewable resource that will allow athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone that spends time in hot, humid conditions to sweat smarter, staying more comfortable.”

Columbia will release the new technology to consumers in the spring of 2013.  FreshAirJunkie staff were able to try a sleeve infused with Omni-Freeze ZERO and immediately felt the cooling effects once some moisture was added.  We thought it definitely changes how an outdoor enthusiast and athlete deals with heat and layering, and can’t wait to get our hands on a full shirt.

Omni-Freeze ZEROwill be integrated across a line of 40 styles that will include men’s and women’s shirts, performance layers, headwear, sleeves and other accessories.  Columbia will also add Omni-Freeze ZERO to its Powerdrain footwear models to keep the shoes cool in hot weather. The full line is designed to keep consumers and athletes comfortable from head to toe, even as temperature records continue to rise. For more information, visit

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