VIP Product’s Pack n Go Dog Pack

When you want to take your dog on a trek, VIP Products
has developed a pack to make it easier on you and Fido.

Multiple Pockets:

Plenty of room for dog toys, treats, food, waste-disposal bags, you name it! Multiple pockets and a spacious bag interior allow enough room to pack what you and your dog need for any type of travel or activity.

Shoulder Pocket:

Use the detachable shoulder pocket to store your phone or MP3 music player for those outings to the park or on your daily walk. Can also be attached to the Zipaway Water Bladder strap.

Shoulder Strap:

The all in one pattern makes this shoulder strap extra durable for everyday use. There is plenty of padding and an accompanying shoulder pocket for on-the-fly treats. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can detach from the base.

Detachable Bowls (2):

Two bowls that zip right from the back of your Dog Pack and can quickly be used as a water dish, food bowl or for their collection of toys!

Waste Pocket:

Finally a convenient place for those all-important waste disposal bags! Keep it stocked for an easy pick-up every time. (Bags not included)

Easy-Hook Carabiner:

Free up your hands by attaching your dog’s leash to the carabiner.

Zipaway Water Bladder:

Want the water without the whole pack? Detach the Water Bladder and strap it around your waist for easy travel! The water bladder is set inside a larger pouch which also zips away from the Pack n Go for easy refill. The hose and easy-pour spout fit snugly onto the shoulder strap and can be removed easily for Fido’s quick drink.

MSRP $58.00

Available in Red

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