StoneLick Lightweight And Durable Crash Pads

Stone LickSTONELICK is introducing a new style of crash pad. These  are made from high quality medical-grade foam to provide ample support without being too firm during falls. Pads last longer and feel better from day one – not
after an entire season.  The foam is lightweight, mold and mildew-resistant, providing a supportive cushion, protects ankles, and cushions falls uniquely. All STONELICK pads are manufactured in Vermont and trimmed in-house to stringent specs using superior textiles and with greater stitch count and durable thread. The pads use at least a 1.8 lb density and not fillers.  This high density foam longer and performs better over time. The patent-pending step-hinge design ensures that the foam of your mat is never bent. Each piece is independent and provides optimal coverage when integrated. There are no gaps, no folds, no weak points. The mat stays flat on the ground will never weaken prematurely in the middle. The hinge is reinforced to withstand extreme falls and constant abuse.

The company’s Boom Pad measures 36″ X 48″ X 4.5″. It features 1″ PE foam impact layer, 3″ of top quality PU foam core, .5″ PE foam foundation, 1000D Coated Cordura landing surface,  1050D Ballistic cover, Integrated hinge technology,  Reinforced corners, Padded Waist Belt, Sternum Strap. Weighs 13.4 lbs. For more information, visit www.

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