New Rock On Recycled Chalk Bags

Rock on recycled chalk bagRock On now has recycled chalk bags that are handmade in Guatemala from Corte fabrics. They are fair trade made by expert craftsmen and are as strong and reliable as you’ve come to expect from Rock On. The selection of colors varies constantly as different fabrics become available for repurposing, making each run of these glorious bags a unique opportunity. For more information, visit

• Cotton recycled Corte fabrics
• Large diameter for ease of use
• Fair Trade & Hand Made
• Removable waist belt
• Fixed loops for belt or biner
• Hidden “stash” pocket for keys etc.
• Toothbrush loop
• Fleece interior liner
• Cinch cord actually holds in chalk
• Color vary constantly, making each
run unique
• MSRP – $20

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