New Cool Gear Hydration Bottles

Cool Gear water bottlesCool Gear is coming out with some new hydration bottles that keep drinks cool, insulated and properly filtered. The Endurance 24 oz. sports bottle (photo far left) features the company’s Thermalfoam insulation technology that keeps fluids cool or hot. The texurized exterior offers a better grip and comes with a push-pull sipper. The Quest 32 oz bottle, (middle) features a Halo cap, finger loop and carabiner clip. The non-toxic freezer stick keeps liquids cold. The Pure Cylinder (far right), has a non-toxic freezer stick to keep liquids cold, but also incorporates a carbon-filter that also acts like a straw. This 32 oz. water bottle filters up to 150 gallons of water. All of the Cool Gear water bottles are BPA free. For more information, visit

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