Mountain Khakis Oxbow Shirt Review

Mountain Khakis Oxbow Short-SleeveThere are times when you don’t always want to look like an elite hiker or rock jock during some social occasions.  That’s the beauty of Mountain Khakis’ Oxbow short sleeve shirt. It has a contemporary look that’s trendy, upscale casual, and looks good if you’re stuck in a place where the drinks are a little more expensive than you’re used to.

But with bright colors from Mountain Khakis custom dye patterns, the Oxbow shirt looks sharp, and features the company’s logo embroidered on the yoke. The buttons have a sturdy metal trim, and the 4.1 ounce, 100 percent cotton fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.

While the Oxbow shirt is a class act, it doesn’t make you look stuffy. The casual cut and style still says you live the outdoor lifestyle, but the stitching, chevron chest pocket,  and fine details, indicates you’re also a person of good taste. The Oxbow short sleeve shirt retails around $70 and is new for spring 2012. For more information, visit

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