Mountain Khakis Approach Crew Shirt Review

Mountain Khakis Approach Crew shirt Mountain Khakis makes their approach crew shirt an excellent choice for hiking and casual wear. The shirt is made from a combination of 51 percent cotton and 49 percent polyester, making it cool in the heat, breathable and very comfortable.

Another “cool” thing about this shirt is that company uses recycled coffee grounds as a natural odor inhibitor.  Does it work? We wore the shirt on a 5-mile trail hike and found it not only inhibited odor, it also wicked away much of our perspiration and dried rather quickly. We’ll have to spend more time with the shirt to see how long this natural odor inhibitor lasts, but it’s great to know that there are natural alternatives to many of the chemical inhibitors that are currently available. And no…we didn’t smell like a Venti Mocha, Latte.

The Approach Crew wasn’t meant to be a technical performance shirt, but it is a good choice if you want to spend the day outside and take a short hike, and looks good all day when you end up a wine-tasting room or casual restaurant.  The added pocket in front of the shirt gives it a little more up-scale look than if you wore a regular T-shirt with a silk-screened print on it. The MK logo embroidered on the hip and behind the collar, definitely shows off a little more of your outdoor lifestyle, and the colors that are available for it, stone, blue work, and brick red. The shirt retails around $60. Visit

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