Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Glove Review

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper winter gloves.
Gordini GTX Storm Trooper winter gloves.

The Gordini GTX Storm Trooper is a solid winter glove, and it speaks well of the brand. Trimmed in durable goat skin, the GTX Storm Trooper shell is stretch woven fabric. This Breath weave fabric is tough enough for everyday duty. The shell material is soft and pliable, even in cold, windy, conditions. At an MSRP of about sixty dollars, the Storm Trooper is a well-built winter glove that lends itself to most any snow sport.

Our Storm Trooper gloves came in the color black. With the lighter gray leather on the palms and the gray sticky-grip material wrapping the finger tips, the contrasting colors look great. Other color way option you might choose are:  Crimson (red) and Black, or Dark Gray and Black.

Insulation for the Storm Trooper is synthetic Megaloft and Lavawool, wool/synthetic blend. Megaloft is brushed synthetic fleece that is soft and aerated to create insulation. A combination of wool and synthetic fibers create another layer of insulation that also manages moisture by wicking it away from your skin.

Breathable and weatherproof Gore-Tex fabric lines the gloves, providing a barrier against wind, rain, and the icy combination of the two. By the way, when you see GTX in front of the product name, it means the product is lined with Gore-Tex fabric.

Leather lined palms offer grip and durability.
Leather lined palms offer grip and durability.

Synthetic insulation is a wide-open field where new innovations are being engineered at a rapid pace. And synthetic insulation works well for many applications. However, gloves that are intended to be used in moderate to severe cold should have quantitative comfort-range information available. The Storm Troopers do not. Some glove manufacturers do document their product’s comfort range so a potential customer can match it to their use. This is the one important piece of information that is not found on the Gordini manufacturer website or the product itself. That’s a downside.  Gordini is a strong brand, but it would be great if they backed up their technological advances in insulation with tested cold weather safety range.

The Gordini Storm Trooper gloves did a good job in temperatures that where in the single digits. They worked well when those same low temps where accompanied by wind chill from harsh winds. The gloves were worn daily in winter Rocky Mountain living and snowbound activities. Adjustable wrist strap snug’s up the glove onto your hand, and the Gauntlet Chinch Closure can be drawn up to keep snow out of the glove, but keep the warmth in.

Each glove features a zipped pocket for Heat Trap hand warmers.
Each glove features a zipped pocket for Heat Trap hand warmers.

Glove fingers are pre-curved and the fingertips are outfitted with stick-grip surfaces on the bottom of the fingers to facilitate dexterity with the gloves on. These gloves are no more or less cumbersome than any winter glove with as much insulation. You can grip your ski poles, work the bindings, and grasp things like a coffee mug. Workmanship is precise, and the impression is the gloves are good for many winters.

Fit is on the snug side, but true to the size of glove I asked for. My Storm Trooper gloves are XL, and my hands slip into them with no problems. But using glove liners the fit becomes a little tight.

On the top of each glove a zippered pocket is available for the Gordini Heat Trap heater packets. These chemical heat generator packets slip in the pockets and offer you a deeper range of warmth.

In addition to the good insulation the Storm Trooper already has, the heat packets will help warm up hands that have been bare for a while and have become numb to some degree. We think the availability of Heat Trap packets is an asset, especially for warming up numb bare hands.

In the two months of this winter, and wearing them often, these Gordini GTX Storm Trooper gloves have proved durable and warm.

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