Fire Drill by Arnette – Sunglass Review

These Retro-80's style shades are durable
These Retro-80's style shades are durable

By Mary Webb

You won’t find anything false about this pair of Fire Drill sunglasses. Arnette designs the Fire Drill with a “picture perfect” frame that is evident upon first glance in your rear view mirror. There are several places you can wear the Fire Drill; a drive to Mammoth, a brisk walk through the city, cycling near Lodi or even on the golf course. We enjoyed wearing the Arnette Fire Drill glasses to several outdoor events that sparked our interest and found them to be quiet dynamic. Pretty cool for a price point of about $69.00, $99.00 for the polarized pair we wore.

Arnette brings a classic 80′s retro-look and a duo of durable technology with the Fire Drill series. Polycarbonate lenses are made from shock absorbent material and protect you from Ultraviolet Rays. The Grilamid plastic frame is super strong, yet light weight in structure.

These lenses performed well on a recent cycling event in Lodi. While these glasses are not cycling glasses per say, we wanted to see how they held up on our slow paced cycling tour of the Lodi wine country. Polarized lenses gave us a clear view as the fog settled in along the valley, providing safety along the hazy road.

Comfort was evident throughout the ride and the Grilamid frames stayed secure on the face. We enjoyed the built in bridge, elongated along the nose; very comfortable, as nose pads can be cumbersome through full day wear. We showcased Arnette at each of the eight rest stops along the cycling event, giving a stylish exchange and a reprieve from the bike. It was great to have some versatility from the road to the buffet line.

While we chose brown gradient with polar brown gradient lenses, there are many colors of the rainbow available in the Fire Drill series. Transparent with aqua stem, gloss black with red stem or matte black with neon pink stem are just a few color choices that are available to you in this fine pair of shades.

Gradient design from start to finish
Gradient design from start to finish

Off and on the bike, the Fire Drill performed well. Perspiration set in while we hiked up Seven Falls in Santa Barbara. The Fire Drill did not fall off the face and the full frame optical coverage gave rest to the noon day sun on our eyes.

Mold injected hinges offer sustainability and the zippered protective case that accompanies the Fire Drill allows you to toss them in your glove box.

Keep Arnette’s Fire Drill in your travel bag, hiking pack or right by your car keys. This great pair of sunglasses will keep you looking cool for many seasons to come.

For a complete list of colors and lenses, visit their website at

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