Daybreak Shoulder Bag by Lilypond

Perfect for hikes and outdoor recreation!
Perfect for hikes and outdoor recreation!

By Kimberlee Frederick

Lilypond’s Daybreak Shoulder Bag is making strides toward redefining the meaning behind being well equipped!

Incredibly thin and compact, the Daybreak is just big enough for the essentials—a cell phone, wallet and keys, and maybe a passport or plane ticket for traveling—meaning that it’s the perfect accessory for the on-the-go adventurer. With two zippered front pockets and another on the back, this shoulder bag has plenty of room for those small items that have a tendency to go amiss.

The water resistant nylon fabric makes the bag not only impervious to the elements, but also extremely lightweight, even once it’s filled. The back part of the bag consists of nylon mesh, which also contributes to water resistance of the bag while simultaneously adding texture. The Daybreak is perfect for taking on day hikes, heading out to the beach or getting on a plane.

Even for day-to-day use, this writer found the Daybreak a welcome relief from sifting through a many-pocketed purse to find car keys or lip balm; with only three pockets and not much area, the important items really can’t get lost. While it might not permanently take the place of more versatile bags and purses, it’s a terrific alternative if you get the urge to mix it up a bit. And for quick trips to the store or on a walk by the waterfront, I didn’t miss the superfluous objects I clutter my bags with every other day.

The adjustable shoulder strap extends from 14 inches to 27 inches for variety of wear. Unfortunately, the webbed strap can cause some uncomfortable chaffing on the neck and shoulder and could benefit from some padding, but it effectively holds the bag across the body. The best solution is to wear a top that covers the area of the shoulder that the strap sits on, creating a barrier between the rough fabric and skin.

Lilypond shows its commitment to blending functionality and style for women in the accents, as shown in the well-designed Daybreak. Coming in a range of colors (the one pictured is Tarpon Blue), the stitching, piping and partial strap design all give the bag a unique pop. Even the lining of the bag adds to the Daybreak’s visual appeal, providing a contrast to the bag’s main color.

Other color choices include Bitterroot Green, Deepwater Blue, Mountain Thistle (a neutral green-gray), Barnwood (a neutral brown) and Cottonwood (off-white/cream), and each has stitching and other accents in a complementary color. The Daybreak Shoulder Bag runs about $39 at

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