All Terrain to offer grants for select non-profit organizations

All Terrain All Terrain, a manufacturer of natural outdoor products, is making an effort to support non-profit organizations by offering financial grants to the most popular organizations that participate in their All Terrain Cares Grant Program.

The program is designed to draw attention to a variety of programs that are available and allow these organizations to ask for votes in order to receive one of three grants totaling $1750. The All Terrain Cares Grant also allows consumers who purchase the company’s natural products from their website, the opportunity to designate 20 percent of the proceeds of each sale to one of the participating organizations.

Voting for first, second and third place grants will take place on various dates from June 1st through August 31st.  “At All Terrain, we feel very strongly about encouraging people to spend time outside, being active, and working to protect the natural environment,” said David Kulow, president of All Terrain. “Reaching out to those who share our vision and rewarding them for their efforts is a terrific way for us to expand our collective impact.” Some of the non-profit organizations that are participating include:

  • Winter Wildlands Alliance and Snow School
  • Colorado Mountain Club Youth Education Program
  • City Wild Leadership Development Program
  • Tucson Community Outdoor Learning Area
  • Natural Playscapes

More information on what these organizations do and how to vote can be found by visiting

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