Slacker Chair Review

Slacker Chair lead. Click to enlarge. By Mary Webb

Slacker Chair is a convenient three-legged companion for you to sit on after your hard working treks along restless oceans and rugged trails.  Made by Travel Chair Company and weighing in at 1.9 pounds, the light weight and collapsible Slacker is a portable unit even the youngsters in your group will be able to help carry from time to time, when they aren’t slacking off, that is.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Slacker Chair is hard at work in its design.  We’ve all had those day-long hiking sprees when you wish you had a third leg to help you reach your peak.  The Slacker has three powder coated 18″ legs to support your frame, up to 275 pounds of you!

We took the Slacker chair on a fishing venture, and the waffle-edge design at the base of the feet gripped nicely to the pier.  Double layer polyester is laid out in triangular formation, developing into a comfortable seat; especially needed for patient fishermen.  While the sun has its way on the fading wood of the pier, there is less of a worry on the fade-resistant polyester seat; available in green, red, blue or black.

The Slacker comes in handy from the river trails to the hotel.  Fold the Slacker Chair up, and you have a neat package to slip into your pack.  It was effortless to slide the chair next to the pots, pans and gear inside the day pack.

No more muddy boulders to sit on while you enjoy your power bar along the river; the Slacker chair can withstand a little wet dirt

Ms. Barbara found the Slacker Chair easy to enjoy as she waits upon the limo.
Ms. Barbara found the Slacker Chair easy to enjoy as she waits upon the limo.

and sand due to the over-sized nylon feet.  We really enjoyed the solid base of the Slacker chair sitting on the bank along the cool waters of the Sacramento River.

Our little Slacker went on several travel destination stories and it fit right in with the resort scene. We didn’t let our travel partners get too comfy on the Slacker chair while watching the luggage, although they wanted to.  The Slacker was a welcome addition to our resort stays to provide extra seating in the living room, without taking up too much space.  Also, the Slacker is always ready to provide a perfect spot to quickly slip on your boots or make a fast phone call.

Let’s not forget, there are times when your fresh air hikes are merely a walk to the local park to shake off the work day.  It is times such as these that the Slacker is easy to carry along your shoulder with the attached nylon adjustable-strap.  To further ease in the assembly, a Velcro strap is situated near the base of the seat to make carrying the Slacker a cinch!

Traveling by air, by car, or by sea, we loved the versatility and light weight design of the Slacker chair.  For a suggested retail value of $15.00, make the Slacker chair part of your future travel plans, we sure will.


Slacker will support any size slacker and it's easy to transport.
Slacker will support any size slacker and it's easy to transport.

Slacker definition: One who avoids work.

Slacker Model 1389V
Dimensions (open) 12″x 14″x 20″
Dimensions (closed) 3″ x 3″ x 24″
Seat height 17.5″
Weight 1.9lbs.
Suggested retail $15.00
Colors: green, red, blue and  black

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  1. I would really love to buy your Slacker Model 1389V stool. I live in Australia. Can you assist me in telling me how to purchase one of these stools please.



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